Solar Energy: A Renewable and Cheapest Form of Energy  Generation for India

Solar Energy: A Renewable and Cheapest Form of Energy Generation for India

The quantum of electrical energy generated from solar panels is likely to expand six times its present rate by the end of 2030. According to reports provided by the IREA (International Renewable Energy Agency), the cost of energy generation from solar power panels is expected to fall meeting the energy generation cost from coal and natural gas plants. To date, fossil fuels
have been the primary source of energy generation to mankind across the world.

While mankind made endless use of these carbonized forms of energies and found a means of survival; these fuels keep on its way of depleting the global environment at a constant rate leading to
global warming. The result is the varying temperature and weather condition man is facing.

Sun being looked up as both source of light and energy on Earth

To meet the drastic situation of changing global temperature and help the surveillance of life on Earth; a number of scientific researchers across the globe had taken a significant step to come up with a renewable and more eco-friendly technique of energy generation. In search of such a technique that can meet the needs of both mankind and the environment; they came up with solar panels relying on Sun on as the major energy generator.

News and event updates from solar products govt and private companies reveal the intensity of work undertaken to popularize the use of these products for a considerable reduction in the use of non-renewable
fossil fuel.

Archimedes: The first user of solar energy:

While hydroelectric power has risen to a considerable magnitude; the growth of solar energy usage is still in yet to progress reaching out to the maximum number of people all over the world. Looking back into the past; the use of solar power was first introduced by Archimedes; a Greek
scientist in about 212 BC. Archimedes made use of bronze shields for harnessing solar energy which was used to burn down the wooden ships of the Roman soldiers. Later it was used by the Bell Telephone laboratory scientists who reported the formation of charges upon the
exposure of silicon to the solar rays eventually leading to the introduction of silicon solar cells possessing 4% energy efficiency.

Solar energy to take over 8 out of a total 13% energy production by 2030:

Today; renewable energy resources are replacing non-renewable and nuclear sources of energy. The development has already been witnessed in certain areas of the world such as the US and Europe. Taking into concern the total solar industry news capture – from the global viewpoint; Scientists at IREA have claimed that by 2030; about 8 out of the total 13% of global
electricity will be produced by solar plants making adequate use of photovoltaic technology. Moving further; the booming PG&E Corp of California has proposed to shut down two of its nuclear reactors replacing these with the wind and solar technologies because of the low cost involved in their operation.

Shuffling through the advantages of solar energy usage: 

Holding to the news reports; it can be well said that by 2035-2030s; most areas of the world will generate energy from solar power since it is not only eco-friendly but also cheap than other forms of energy. Now check out the advantages which solar-to- electricity conversion technology offers you with:

 A decarbonized form of energy
 Budget convenient using cheaper yet eco-friendly materials
 Comes in flexible designs ranging from the bigger rooftop panels to solar watches and calculators.

So you can choose the solar panel size according to the space you have in your house premise.

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