Growing demands of the usage of solar energy in India

Growing demands of the usage of solar energy in India

Fossil fuels are the main source of solar energy used by the human beings. This sort of energy is found underneath the surface of the earth in the form of gas, oil, and coal. However, there is a negative side to the usage of fossil fuels. Any source of fossil fuel is a carbonized form of energy which releases a huge amount of carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere. The release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere causes the global warming, which is one of the biggest challenges being faced by the environment.

Shortfall of fossils:  There is another side effect associated with the usage of fossil fuels. Since the population is growing the usage of fossil fuels has exponentially increased. This is causing the gradual shortfall of the fossil fuels, and also the price of these fuels is shooting up.

Sustainable energy:  Nowadays the scientists are experimenting to find better forms of energy. Sustainable energy is the new approach that would ensure that there is abundant of energy available for the whole population.

Greater demand energy resources in India:

As there is an increase in the population of India, there is a greater demand for the needs of energy usage. Many places in India still does not have electricity. With the growth of population, it is quite a challenge for the country to provide sufficient energy resources. This is the reason why solar sector in India has taken the front seat when it comes to energy production.

Why is solar energy a preference in India?

There are several reasons for the solar energy is getting preferences in India.

•    Geographical advantages: India is located in the tropical zone. This provides a higher scope for the harnessing of the solar energy.
•    Rural empowerment: Solar energy is considered to be the source of energy that would encourage the rural empowerment. Since cost included in the production of this energy is comparatively less than the other forms of energy, this is the reason why farmers in the villages of India prefer to use such a form of energy.

Big player is keen to invest:

Many leading companies are investing in solar power. Understanding the fact that this source of energy is easily available, many leading companies are investing crores of Rupees to make the maximum usage of this power. They are also looking for the newer ways to harness this source of energy.

Government support

The government of India and its various organizations are pushing and encouraging the usage of solar power. The growing solar power in India has brought various benefits especially to the rural sectors of the country.

•    Bringing financial benefits to the farmers: Minimized cost of production of energy is letting the farmers save a good amount of money.
•    Easy availability: Since sunlight is abundant in this zone, this is the reason there is a continuous production of the energy.
•    Easy installation of solar cells: The process of installation of the solar cells is comparatively easy. The cost involved in the installation of the solar cells are also low.

A Video created by : iFiberone News Radio how this help of domestic solar energy usage.

Various state governments like the government of Punjab is collaborating with international companies to come up with better projects that will use the solar power in a better way.

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