Asia’s largest Ultra Mega Solar Powerplant to be inaugurated by Mr. Prime Minister Narendra Modi 10th July 2020

Asia’s largest Ultra Mega Solar Powerplant to be inaugurated by Mr. Prime Minister Narendra Modi 10th July 2020

Madhya Pradesh: On 10th July India will witness, of the biggest historical event. India’s Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi will inaugurate an “Ultra Mega Solar PowerPlant” which upon completion will be the largest solar powerplant in Asia. This will be another milestone in India’s ambitious plans of “Make in India” and renewable energy resources. This will also be India’s contribution and proof of commitment to the ongoing Solar Power alliance of the world.

On 10th July 2020 PM, Narendra Modi will reach Rewa in Madhyapradesh and inaugurate the Solar power plant. Madhya Pradesh’s Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan is also expected to be present in the inaugural function with many more important dignitaries. The Development of Rewa Solar power plant was announced by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and he confirmed by video conference that upon building the power Plant Prime Minister Narendra Modi will himself visit for inauguration it. Among the dignitaries, Chief Minister of MP has invited Union Minister for Power and Renewable Energy Mr. R. K Singh on call and via personal visit too.

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The Ultra mega Solar PowerPlant is built near “Panch Gao” a village 25 km far from Rewa and a total of 1590acre land has been allocated for it. The construction was funded under the Madhya Pradesh energy development agency and the Indian government’s solar energy corporation of India (A subsidiary of the Indian government). At present, three Private energy firms are producing 250 megawatts of electricity. Once the Ultra mega solar power plant is operational and at 100 percent capacity, it will generate 750 megawatts of energy. In terms of electricity, since January 2020 plant is already producing 37,000 units of energy every day. It is noteworthy that in comparison to coal energy, this will be cheaper with the expected charge near around 2.97 rupees per unit of electricity. As planned 24 % of energy will be used by Delhi Metro (DMRC), while the remaining 76% will be entire of Madhya Pradesh state.

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This will truly be a landmark achievement for the current government as the Prime minister himself announced the goal to reach 100 Gigawatts of solar power capacity by the year 2022 which will coincide with the completion of 75 years since India became an independent country. Apart from the Indian government’s commitment to using more and more green energy and reducing carbon emission, this will also help India further toward transforming from energy deficient country to an energy-efficient country. It is also expected that this will give a much-needed boost to the energy consumption of India.

The inauguration of the Ultra Mega Solar Power Plant of Rewa will definitely serve as a blueprint for renewable energy in India and inspire more such projects to be undertaken by the government. It is certain that it will draw attention to the energy market especially global solar power industries toward India. This is a positive development in the direction of India’s transformation of energy generation from renewable sources and decreasing carbon emission to decrease the damage done by environmental pollution. It is will boon for the coming generation and another step toward environmental protection.

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